Why consign with us?


We are Cape's oldest and largest bi-annual children's consignment sale.


We have hundreds of participating consignors at each sale and draw thousands of shoppers throughout the week.


Little Lambs consignors earn 2/3 of the selling price for each item sold (significantly more than local consignment shops) and have their money in 3 weeks, by check...not store credit. Workers can earn even more!


Consignors are invited to shop during a special preview before we open to the public, giving them access to thousands of great bargains. Workers get to shop earlier!


Consignors don't have "garage sale" issues, like signs, parking, advertising, or weather.  Consignors also don't have to meet strangers at random places like online selling requires.


Each consignors profits are only limited by the number of items consigned, the quality of his/her items, and how reasonably the items are priced. 


How it works


Consignors are responsible for tagging and preparing all of their own items according to our directions.


Consignors will bring his or her items to the sale location during the designated drop off times.  During drop off, consignor will:

  • check in and sign the consignor agreement (this will be made available on our facebook page prior to the sale)

  • verify his/her mailing address

  • pay the $10 consignor fee (cash or check, only for consignor fee)

  • put his/her items in the appropriate places on the sales floor (items that are "dumped" will be removed from the sales floor and will be returned to the consignor at pick up)


Consignors earn 2/3 of the selling price for each of their items; however, your percentage can be increased by working. 


Checks are mailed 3 weeks after the sale.


Consignors may collect their unsold items during the designated pick up time.  Only items with a "P" on the tags will be sorted for pick up.  All other items are donated to local youth focused non-profit organizations. Items that were removed from the sale due to poor quality are not eligible for your donation receipt.


Please note:  We require a minimum of 15 items and have a maximum of 300 items per consignor.  If you would like to bring more than 300 items, contact us to request an item number exception.  Consignors with more than 300 items are required to work the sorting shift from 4:00 - 8:00 pm on Saturday 3/14; however, you are NOT eligible for the muscle shift gift certificate. For more details, call Andy at 573-651-0861.

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