As a consignor, you set the price of your items; however, we require that items be at least $1 AND are in $.50 increments.


A good rule of thumb is 1/3 the retail price of an item, but you should also consider the brand and condition of the item.  Shoppers are more likely to pay a little more for popular brands or items that still have tags on them.


Price the item as if you were buying it yourself.


Saturday shoppers are very thrifty and often will not even consider an item unless it is half-price; therefore, we recommend allowing your items to go half-price on Saturday.  If you do NOT want your item to be half off, write "ND" (for no discount) in the bottom right corner of the tag.


Tagging Supplies-handwritten tags


3"x5" index cards, of any color (no paper or other index cards in other sizes)  Do not cut or fold your tags.


1" or larger safety pins (no straight pins or clothes pins)  You may using a tagging gun, if you wish.


ink pen or marker




ziplock bags (for non-clothing items)


masking or packing tape (for non-clothing items)


See the examples for tag contents and for how to hang clothing.









You are welcome to use pant hangers, if you have them.  If you are safety pinning pants to a wire hanger, pin so that the pants don't slide around on the hanger.  Do NOT use clothes pins to attach pants to hanger or fold pant over the bottom of the hanger. 


Please make sure that all information on your card is legible and complete.



















Consignor number goes in the top left corner of the card.  (You do NOT have to write "consignor #")


PICKING UP?  Write a "P" (for "pick up") immediately following the consignor number on the tag of each tiem that you want to retrieve after the sale.  Unsold items without a "P" after the consignor number will NOT be sorted and are donated to charity after the sale. (You don NOT have to write "no P")


Size of the item goes in the top right corner of the card.


Description of the items goes in the center of the card.  (include brand, color or other information that will help us identify the item if the tag is separated from the item).


Price goes under the description.


"ND" goes in the bottom right corner if you do not want your item to be half-price on Saturday.


All tags should be attached to clothing with a 1" or larger safety pin or tagging gun barb.


NOTE:  There is a $5 fine for consignors that do not follow our tagging directions.  Tags done incorrectly slow down check out during the sale and check processing after the sale.


Tagging items that are not clothing


Make sure tags contain the required information and are securely attached to your items.


Shoes: Tie laces together, use a large saftey pin through the lace holes, or zip tie together.  Tape or pin tag to shoes.


Bibs, Socks, Onesies: Group items together in a ziplock bag.  Firmly attach tag to the outside of the bag in a visible spot.


For items with multiple parts, it is best to tag and number each part (part 1 of 2 / part 2 of 2).  Also price the items so potential buyers know that the price includes all/both pieces. 


Remember:  Items sell best when they look and smell new!  It's worth your time to lauder and press clothes, clean items, and write clearly on your tags.  Also, we reserve the right to remove any item from the sales floor that does not meet our quality or seasonal guidelines.



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