What to Bring

To maintain the positive reputation of the Little Lambs Children's Sale, please make sure all items are in-style, clean, and in excellent condition!


To remain in compliance with the CPSIA law, we will make every effort to make sure that we are not selling any items that have been recalled by the Consumer Product Safety Commission.  You can check you items prior to bringing them to the sale by going to www.cpsc.gov


The spring sale will allow spring and summer items.  The fall sale allows fall and winter items.  ALL items must be clean, not expired, and in working condition.  We reserve the right to remove ANY item from the sales floor that does not meet our standards. 


  • Girls: newborn to juniors, including formal dresses

  • Boys: newborn to teen guys

  • Maternity (must have maternity label)


Other infant's, children's, and teen items:

  • Children's toys (with batteries if required for operation)

  • Shoes (limit 10 pair, must be in EXCELLENT condition)

  • Socks (limit 10 packages, must be like new)

  • Strollers, highchairs, swings

  • Baby equipment 

  • Bedding and decor

  • Musical instruments

  • Electronics

  • Sports equipment

  • Purses and accessories

  • Board games, books, movies, and more!


Other items for the family:

  • Scrapbooking and crafting items

  • Pet items

  • Books for mom and dad (novels, cookbooks, self-help, etc)

  • Movies for mom and dad (up to rated "R")

  • Home decor - Consignors should be prepared to unload and assemble their own items during drop off and re-load, if needed, during pick-up.


What NOT to Bring


  • Drop-side cribs that have not been repaired

  • Carseats that are recalled, expired, or have been in an accident.

  • Kids jewelry (there are too many lead recalls to keep up with to do this safely)

  • Items that are dirty, or have stains, holes, tears, missing buttons, broken zippers, etc.

  • Toys or other items with missing pieces or not in working condition

  • Underwear, including bras

  • Bags of fast food toys

  • Stuffed animals (unless they do something like sing, dance, etc)

  • Out of style or out of season items

  • Adult clothing


Seasonal Items


We've had several questions about seasonal CLOTHING, so we have created a list to make sure everyone gets the same information.  The following are considered "seasonal" and are only accepted in the designated sale:

Jeans, light weight track pants, velour or light weight long sleeved infant sleepers are allowed at either sale.  Short sleeve shirts are allowed at either sale as long as they do not have a seasonal theme that is opposite of our current season.



shorts, sleeveless shirts, twin sets (light)*, swimwear, tank tops, sweater vests (light)*, life jackets, sundresses, linen, pool toys, capri pants, terry cloth, sandals, hawaiian shirts, seersucker, flip flops, sweaters (short sleeves), muscle shirts, or items with the following themes: Easter, spring, 4th of July, beach, or surfing


* light colors = pink, lavendar, yellow, lime, baby blue, white.  Other colors may apply if material is extremely light weight. 



costumes,sweaters (long sleeves), scarves, sweater vests (dark)**, sweats, gloves and mittens, rugby shirts, thermals, turtle necks, corduroy, coats, long sleeved shirts, flannel, jackets, hoodies, fleece, winter hats, twin sets (dark/heavy)**, velvet or velour, or items with the following themes: Halloween, Thanksgiving, fall, snow, winter, Christman, New Year's, Valentines, or St. Patricks


**dark colors = navy, black, charcoal, forrest green, burgundy.  Other colors may apply if material is heavy weight.




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